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Commercial HVAC Design Build

At Junction Climate Control, we have a longstanding tradition of providing quality commercial HVAC design build services for our customers. With a bullpen of designers, engineers and quality craftsmen, we are able to solve the most difficult process cooling and HVAC comfort challenges. We base our success on the success of our customers.


Mechanical systems in commercial and industrial facilities can be big energy users. That is especially true if they are outdated and inefficient. We design and install process and comfort cooling and heating products that are some of the most technologically advanced and energy efficient in the market today. Need to upgrade your current commercial HVAC system? Improve ROI through heat and energy recovery systems that reuse normally discharged heating energy into the atmosphere. Our in-house design engineers work with equipment vendors throughout our industry to provide you with the best systems for your specific needs and the best value for your dollar.

Indoor Air Quality Is More Important Than Ever

With the heightened awareness of viruses and bacteria in the air, Junction Climate Control has helped many customers by installing filtration and air purification systems such as an ion generator. This technology uses positive and negative ions to address harmful IAQ issues such as pathogens, VOCs, odors, and particulates. The ions produced travel within the air stream into the occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere the ions travel, even in spaces unseen.

Watch This Video to See How iWave Purification Works

Our Commercial Services Include:

• Full, turnkey mechanical system
  design & construction

• Experienced project
  management and scheduling

• Installation of new equipment

• Replacement of existing,
  outdated equipment

• Sheet metal fabrication and

• Piping for HVAC and process

• Energy management and
  temperature controls

• Installation of Indoor Air Quality
  (IAQ) products

• Start-up & commissioning of
  HVAC system

Some of Our Projects:



• Ensure a consistently clean environment.

• Keep consistent temperature and humidity levels while dealing with a large amount of make-up air for the exhaust systems and varying heat loads from the machining process.


• Multiple packaged units with hot gas reheat, low ambient control and economizers.

• Distribute the air into the areas through fabric DuctSox system to provide more even air flow to not disturb operations and employee comfort.

• The quality control and testing areas are conditioned by a variable speed air handler split system and ductless mini splits.

• The mechanical hallway, containing many machine process chillers, is ventilated by a large roof exhaust fan and motorized intake wall louvers. This system is controlled by a wall mounted thermostat to maintain temperature.

• Designed and installed new duct systems for the material collectors throughout, for better material removal.



• Maintain required air changes, positive room pressures, filtration, particle count levels, temperature and humidity.


• Custom packaged units with variable speed supply and return fans, hot gas bypass, multiple staged electric heat and HEPA filters.

• A control system that does data logging and alarm levels for pressure, particle counts, humidity and temperature.

• These systems maintain positive pressures, clean environments and high air turnover rates to meet the customer’s requirements.



• Maintaining consistent temperatures in chilled water roller barrels with varying loads on a manufacturing line for making sheet goods.

• Keeping the process water returning from the roller barrels clean before entering the chillers.

• Keeping chillers from overheating due to the plant environment.


• Installed multiple air-cooled digital scroll chillers staged together for higher running efficiencies and water temperature control.

• New remote condensers located on the roof to reduce the heat load in this area of the plant.

• New buffer tank and added sock filtration to clean the chilled water.

• Cleaner chilled water with better heat transfer and less down time for cleaning internal components.

• Much better temperature control to the roller barrels, allowing the customer to run the product through at a much faster pace.

• Reduction of electrical consumption due to the new chillers’ higher efficiencies.

See how the Ductsox system works.