Commercial Service & Maintenance

Reliable Commercial HVAC Service and Maintenance

Regardless of how new your equipment is, it still needs a little TLC. If you own a building and aren’t scheduling regular preventive maintenance for your commercial HVAC equipment or your water heaters, you’re playing with fire. Just like your vehicle needs an oil change and tire rotation on a regular basis, so does your mechanical equipment. In fact, most equipment requires regular maintenance just to maintain ongoing warranties from the manufacturer.

At Junction Climate Control, we can customize your maintenance program to accommodate your business. Air filter and belt changes, coil and drain pan cleanings, pressure and temperature checks can add years of useful life to your equipment. It also helps to keep it running energy efficiently while maintaining maximum comfort. Our goal for our customers is to provide timely, accurate information regarding the useful life of their equipment so that proper planning and budgeting can be done for these capital expenditures far in advance of their demise.

When things break, and they inevitably will, we are here to help you get back up and running again. Our HVAC service technicians and plumbers are trained to work on all types of equipment, and we are available 24/7 to keep your business functioning and your employees comfortable and happy.